Monday, June 27

Special connection

Having my DNA tested has been an eye opening experience. I am Italian and French…that is who I am. Well…that’s who I was until my DNA test results came in. (cue dramatic music) I now have an explanation for a couple things that never quite fit. I am still quite Italian, 62% actually and French but a mere 8%. Surprisingly (or not really, I guess) what rounds me out is Irish, at 19%. Finally, an explanation for my love of potatoes, the color green and very, very, very fair skin that even my overwhelming Italian percentage can’t help tan!

It’s as though I found a new relative or just a new connection in the world. This sounds dramatic, I know but being French & Italian was very important in my family growing up. I lost my Mom early and her ‘French-ness’ was something I held onto, a special connection, that I had with her. Looking at her photos with this new information…I see it, not just the Irish but myself in her. Turns out that was the special connection all along. 

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