Sunday, June 5

Our Table

My Meme's table set for Christmas
When my husband arrived home with my grandmothers kitchen table, I was beyond excited. Like a child waiting by the door for a new puppy. Emotions ran thru me, grateful for my husband who didn't really want another table in the house but after seeing my face when those words came from his mouth, offered to go right out and pick it up. .. grateful for my sister who offered me the table given to her when she was a new bride almost 50 years ago. It was my table now and I couldn't have been happier.​

Before we had all the fancy gadgets and tricked out appliances in our kitchens...we had a table, like my grandmothers table, where families gathered, meals were eaten, prayers were prayed while hands were held, new births celebrated and loved ones were mourned. Our family's history was decided around these tables while sharing meals and stories of the day.

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