Saturday, August 25

Mapping - Rosso line

My garden is in full force this week and tomatoes have taken over the house. There are cherry tomatoes in the dehydrator, sauce cooking down in crockpots and baskets of fresh tomatoes in the back hall waiting to be processed. It's exhausting but worth it come winter.

My genealogy falls to the wayside every August when tomato-nado hits but I was able to sneak in a couple of research hours early Sunday favorite time of day when the house is still and quiet.

Sneaking in a couple hours to myself

Sometimes it seems I try to reach so far back in my family tree that I miss what's right in front of me.  With this is mind I've tried to refocus on my tree beginning with my paternal grandparents. There are so many missing pieces on this family branch but for now I am trying to trace their route looking for exact home locations to add to their visual story. This hasn't been as simple as I hoped... definitely a work in progress.

So the story begins with Estella Giardino Rosso arriving in the US, following an almost 2 year separation from her husband. After a month long stay in the infirmary on Ellis Island,  Antonio arrived to whisk them off to beautiful Victor, NY. Antonio, arriving in 1913, stayed with Estella's family in Victor until he could raise the money for his family's passage. Frank, their first son and first child born in the US, arrived during their stay in Victor.  Surely outgrowing the home they shared  with family, they made the eventual move to North Tonawanda, NY, my hometown.

Carruthers Street apartment in 2017

After leaving Victor, they rented the upstairs portion of a home on Carruthers Street in North Tonawanda where their daughter Jennie was born in 1917 and Dominic 18 months later. By today's standards living in this 2 bedroom upper apartment with five children under the age of 5 would be unthinkable but something tells me they felt they were doing just fine, cramped maybe, but working hard toward the American dream of owning a home.

Tell me your thoughts and if you can add to our family story! If you enjoy this blog, I'd be very grateful if you'd share with a never know who may be a  potential cousin!

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